Nowak is all about one man’s commitment to investment casting and his overriding ambition: to extend the process to every field of activity instead of only aeronautics and the automotive industry. 

Investment casting in Brittany… 

From a small family business founded back in 1984, the Nowak precision investment casting company has grown into the thriving privately-owned SME that it is today.

By remaining in its original location, in the small town of Pancé, in rural Brittany, south of Rennes, the company has been able to retain its proactive and agile business approach, in close contact with its clients.

Investment casting in Brittany…
…with expertise known throughout Europe

…with expertise known throughout Europe 

For over 22 years, Nowak precision casting belonged to the Dutch group Aalberts N.V. Now Nowak has chosen to become independent once again by focusing on the niche growth markets where it has established its reputation as a supplier of leading companies.

At the end of 2018, a group of investors led by Siparex, along with Unexo, a Crédit Agricole subsidiary and Bpifrance, the French business investment fund, bought out Nowak with the support of the management team around Thierry Avrons, the company’s CEO since 2011.


Claude Nowak creates the Nowak precision investment casting foundry. The company starts off with 2 employees and a 500 sqm. building in Pancé (Ille-et-Vilaine).


New 1,000sqm. building erected. Houses the offices and a workshop.


New 1600sqm. workshop erected. Houses the production unit coating and finishing control workshops.


Nowak is EN ISO 9002 certified.


A second production plant opens in Guipry (Ille-et-Vilaine). The site is dedicated to investment cast parts weighing over 20kg.


Nowak becomes part of the Dutch Aalberts N.V. Group. Nowak is the group’s 7th industrial site (out of over 150 today).


New 200sqm. workshop erected. The building houses the industrial production unit outsourcing shipments office.


New 1,100sqm. workshop built with an 800sqm basement. The industrial production unit amalgamation and final completion workshops are located in this building; the basement is used as a raw materials storage facility.


Nowak acquires EN ISO 13485 certification following the company’s strategic decision to develop its medical sector markets. This standard specifies the quality management system requirements for the medical devices industry.


Closure of the Guipry site and concentration of the company’s operations on the Pancé site.


New 150sqm. workshop erected. The building houses the industrial production unit shipping office.


The Aalberts N.V. Group approves a €4 million investment in a separate medical device production unit. The 1988 building is dismantled.


The new 1,500 sqm. medical production unit is built, with 800 sqm. of relaxation areas and offices.


Production in the medical unit starts up.


Nowak acquires EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification.


Nowak becomes an independent company, under the leadership of the management team and with the support of financial investors.


Nowak launches its new website, along with a new logo and graphic charter in line with the digital transformation begun in 2019 with the transition to a new, more efficient ERP system.

Nowak through the words of its President, Thierry AVRONS