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UsineTechnology within reach: Since 1984, Nowak precision casting has made it possible for all business sectors to enjoy the benefits of “lost-wax” technology, which were previously only available to hi-tech industries.


Since then we have become the market leader in industrial parts.


• In 2003 a strategic choice was made to expand into the MEDICAL sector with the aim of becoming a key player in the field of implantable prostheses.
• Our first prostheses were delivered in 2004.
• 2007 marked a decisive turning point when we became players in the French domestic market
• In 2012 a dedicated MEDICAL production unit was built.


Our aim is to become your chosen partner from the design phase to the delivery of the finished parts and assemblies by making sure that we will meet your deadlines and offer quality and competitive pricing for the life of your products.


Link: Contractual Terms and Conditions for European Foundries.





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